Book Review: The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

Relocating with Kids is quite an adventure. In the middle of coordinating, packing and preparing for our move, I came across The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day. I thought it’d be a great book to help the kids better understand all   Read More »

Relocating with Kids: 5 Tips for Getting Settled

Tips for Moving with Kids

My last post, 7 Tips for Relocating with Kids, included ways to stay sane and organized during a move. The funny thing is I wrote that in the midst of packing, just before our state to state relocation. The insanity   Read More »

Fear, Confidence and Stuff In Between

My hubs and I worked on a relocation for a while…. not sure if you call 5 years a while or long time though. I didn’t post too much about it because I really didn’t know if it would happen.   Read More »

7 Tips for Relocating with Kids

Moving with Children

How many times have you moved? Since my hubby and I were married in 2000, we moved about 10 or more times. Back and forth to Arizona plus several moves around the Bay Area. All without kids. We are in   Read More »

Happy 4th of July!

    I hope you enjoy your BBQs, family time and all that our freedom brings us this Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!   Image courtesy of b Positive Project. 

How do you handle change?


I heard a recent grad talking about the pre-graduation overload along with a mention of her life starting once college was over. Funny thing is I said something very similar when I was about to graduate college. What I didn’t   Read More »

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