What is a Ketogenic Diet and How Does it Help with Weight Loss

One thing we all have in common is the desire to enjoy a long life and good health. This ranges from checking our diet, exercising often, hydrating, visit the doctors for routine checkups, maintaining healthy skin among many others.

Basically, good health doesn’t just refer to eating a balanced diet only or just taking two litres of water a day. There’s so much more to it.

Nutritionists recommend Ketogenic, or simply Keto Diet for weight loss and overall good health. Keto is a low-carb, protein, and high-fat diet that helps in burning fat effectively. You get your calories from protein and fat, more than you do from carbohydrates.

If you establish a good keto diet plan, conduct a few exercises with compression wear, there’s no doubt you will see incredible results when it comes to shedding extra fat.

How Ketogenic Diet Helps in Weight Loss

Exercising with the family has its own benefits. However, what we take in determines how much weight we gain or lose. Since the 19th Century, the Ketogenic Diet has been used to help manage type 2 diabetes. The idea behind it is that when you deny the body glucose – the main source of energy, found in carbohydrates, the body produces an alternative fuel (Ketones) from stored fats, and in the process, you lose weight. Here is how a Ketogenic diet helps in weight loss.

It puts your body into Ketosis

Ketosis is the reaction from your body when it is denied glucose from carbohydrates. This process produces an alternative form of energy called ketones from fatty acids in your body. When you quit carbohydrates, your liver burns fat to produce energy, and this process makes you lose weight.

It pushes you to healthy eating

Weight gain has, over time, been linked to either eating too much or eating unhealthy food. The ketogenic diet is a lifestyle that forces you to ditch unhealthy food for more healthy ones, and to some extent, you have to drop certain foods, like carbohydrates, to push your body to burn stored fat to fuel your body, and this process steadily helps in weight loss.

Eliminates stubborn belly fat

It is hard to target weight loss in only one spot of your body. However, Keto can help you kill the stubborn visceral fats stored in your belly, since it works by burning fat for energy.

For beginners, before starting Keto, it is essential to discuss with your doctor, especially if you have an underlying health condition, to ensure Keto is a healthy eating plan for you. A professional guide will really help you.

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