What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on? – Diamond & Other Precious Stones to Mark Wedding Years

An anniversary ring is a piece of jewelry that commemorates the years that have passed since a couple’s wedding. Which finger do you wear your anniversary ring? Well, many people don’t know which finger to wear an anniversary ring on, guess it’s as confusing as it is to look for unique baby girl names or adorable baby boy names, when you have many options to choose from, right?

The meaning behind wearing an anniversary ring on different fingers can vary depending on the culture and traditions. Still, it typically symbolizes which year they are celebrating their anniversary. The right hand is generally used for wedding bands, while the left hand is used for anniversary rings.

The most common finger people wear anniversary ring on is the left hand’s third finger or ‘ring’ finger as it is called in some cultures. There is no specific reason for this. It all depends on your preference. Most people find it fancy, stacking the anniversary ring on top of the wedding ring.

Types of Anniversary Rings

What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on?

Unlike wedding rings, anniversary rings are set with multiple stones. Below are standard anniversary rings you can buy:


Just like the name suggests, it forms some pavement. The diamonds are stack and paved tightly together. The minimal visibility of the prongs holding the stones in place results in a continuous and sparkly ring.


This is a classic style featuring two pieces of metal that combine to form a channel. Think of the two pieces as you and your partner. It can hold as many gemstones as you would want. The channel acts as a protective barrier while presenting a floating and magical look to the ring.


This type has little metal claws that grip the precious stone tightly, holding it in place. It is designed to maximize light penetration, increasing the ring’s sparkle.


Bezel rings have a formal and elegant collar that wraps the gemstone with a complete metal edging. This ensures the rock is secured. It appears to be larger than it looks.

The finger you choose to put your anniversary ring is dependent on your culture and cultural aspects. However, the most common finger is the left hand’s ring finger, since most people like stacking the wedding and anniversary rings together.

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