Top Unique Baby Girl Names for Your Little One

A baby is one of the highest life miracles there is, and with their arrival comes about sunshine and smiles for years to come. There’s no surprise that a baby, whether a boy or a girl is christened ‘bundle of joy,’ because it is true, they bring joy with them.

You just received news that you are going to have a baby girl; you are excited, and the baby shower is coming. Now you need to embark on finding the cutest and the most beautiful name for your little one.

You are probably doing a name search alongside your partner, and you can’t seem to settle for a perfect moniker? We got you, here is a list of suggestions, and their meanings to get you started.

Cute, Popular Baby Girl Names and their Meaning

Are you expecting a baby girl? You obviously can’t wait for her to arrive. You can already picture her tiny feet and hands, her chubby cheeks, and soft hair. You want to do matchy-matchy outfits with her too, right? Well, before that, how about we get her a beautiful and unique name from the list we’ve compiled below?


With roots from West Africa, Ada is a beautiful name that means nobility or ‘of noble character.’ Most people believe children behave as they are named, so if you want your little one to be of noble character, call her Ada. Another variation of the name is Adelaide or Adeline.


If your love for flowers is unmatched, or you had a liking for flowers when expecting,  you may love to name your little girl after a flower. If that is the case, then Azalea would be sufficient. Azalea is a flowering shrub and is of English origin.


Naming your little one, Aurora will give them a sense of pride when they grow up and find they share a name with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Aurora means dawn, and if naming your child after the time of day they were born matters to you, you can call them dawn if you delivered early in the morning. The Roman goddess of sunrise also inspires it.


Bella is a variation of Isabella, and it means beautiful. And there could be no better name to express the sweetness of your little one but by giving them a sweet name that matches their beauty and charm.


Baby girls are simply beautiful and magical, and they warm the hearts of many. Bisa, another name of African origin, means ‘greatly loved.’ If you want to express how much you love your daughter, you can do so in name. That way, anytime you call her, you will be reminded of how greatly you love her. It is believed this name easily attracts love, care, and blessings.


Believed to be a female version of Brian, Brianna means ‘virtuous and strong.’ You can give your baby girl a name that reminds them of who they are and what they are capable of doing.


Cynthia is a valid symbol of beauty, although it also means cheerful and friendly. Most children named Cynthia have the power to transform an otherwise lousy day into an amazing one. They can melt your heart with their charm and sweetness.


Calla means lovely, and we all know how baby girls are oh so cute! You can also use other variants like Carla, Kayla, or Callie.


Cara means darling or beloved, and other variants like Carina, Cherie, and Cheryl can be used. In the Irish language, Cara means a friend. It happens to fall under the top 25 favorite names in Ireland.


Top Unique Baby Girl Names for Your Little One

Danielle is a female version of Daniel and is a religious-based name; it is a Hebrew name meaning God is my judge. If you are a Christian who would like to name their children after Bible names, Danielle can carry the day.


Another religion-based name, Dominique, means the one who belongs to God. Just like Danielle, if you had a difficult pregnancy and God fought the battle for you, the name Dominique would show your ultimate gratitude.


Naming your pretty, little one after the time of day is also a common way of naming that many people do. Danika has roots in Eastern Europe, and it means morning star. The morning star brightens the day, and if your baby brightens your life, which is mostly true, then Danika would do.


Another name derived from the flora world is Jasmine. A pretty and sweet name for a beautiful baby girl; Jasmine is the name of a flower, and means gift. Babies are gifts of the womb; therefore, Jasmine would be a perfect reminder of what you got.


Jade is a gemstone; naming your child thus means you consider them precious. In ancient Spanish, it is a belief that when you placed jade in a child’s stomach, they are cured of colic, so that is how precious it is.


Maya has Greek origins, which means illusion. It is a common name in many parts of the world. Though short and simple, it is a great name, considering it is the name of a great poet, and civil rights activities who once walked the earth –  Maya Angelou.


Zoey is a popular girl’s name, and it means life. Having a baby is life in itself, so you can choose to celebrate the precious life by naming your bundle, Zoey. It has different other variations that you can choose from; Zoya and Zoe.


Zendaya is another beautiful name of African origin that means ‘to give thanks.’ A child is a gift, and naming your little one a name, which implies gratitude, makes it more special. If you consider a baby name that resonates with how you feel about having a baby, then Zendaya will do.

Fun Facts About Baby Girls

Are you about to have a little girl in your life? There are probably many things going around your mind right now, wondering how you are going to handle it. Well, here are some fun facts about baby girls to get you started.

Baby Girls come much later

Most baby girls tend to be born much later, either on the expected due date or days later. Girls love snuggling, so they probably almost always want to stay in the womb much longer.

Baby girls are usually smaller

Most of the time, the birth weight of a baby girl is much lesser than that of a boy. This is on average, and it is not for all baby girls. Some little girls come weighing more than expected for a baby girl, and that’s still ok.

Baby girls are more cautious

You will hear parents narrating specific horrific stories about how their baby boys play – leaping over cabinets or jumping off trees, and your heart may skip a beat.

On the other hand, girls are usually more cautious and tend not to play such daring games. This goes for most girls, although there are baby girls who are just as bold.

Girls are a delight to dress

Talk about those little colorful leggings, swirly tutu skirts, frills, colorful headbands, and more. Baby girl dressing has more accessories than baby boys, and you always have so many items to choose from.

Girls are more talkative

Yes, even at a young age, baby girls are chattier! A baby girl, on average, will speak a handful more words than their male counterpart will. They even use their gestures more.

Baby girls are as sweet, pretty, and charming as they come. Be sure to enjoy all the beautiful moments with them because these tiny feet grow up too fast when you are not watching.

Spend every moment you can with them, celebrate all the milestones, and enjoy this beautiful gift of life.

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