How to Clean an Engagement Ring

Engagement is a beautiful thing, especially when it is backed up with a ring. It naturally prepares the mind for a wedding someday. Every time you look at that ring, you are reminded that you are loved. It makes you feel like a princess, right?

Keeping these memories fresh means keeping the ring clean and looking as good as new, regardless of its cost. Take some time when you are at home to try some fun projects like cleaning your ring if you value it. But how do you do this? It’s simple.

Let’s see how to clean an engagement ring.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

How to Clean and Maintain an Engagement Ring

When did you receive your engagement ring, or are you looking forward to getting one? I see you smiling, there’s just something good about loving and being loved in return. Whether your ring is composed of carats of diamond, rose gold,  sapphire, or any other precious stone, the point is you want to preserve it for a lifetime.

Beyoncé sang, “if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.” Well, how about we take care of the ring by cleaning it? Here’s how you can keep that baby clean.

Identify a gentle solution

Depending on the material used in making the ring, you can choose a solution that is relatively mild for the material.

For instance, gold, diamond, and other metals used in making engagement rings are relatively sensitive to corrosion. A gentle solution made of a few drops of dish soap can be effective. Soak the ring before you scrub it.

Be gentle in scrubbing

Most of the antique jewelry comes along with prongs, which make them look more attractive. Such, however, become the major points where dust and other greasy substances get stuck.

You, therefore, need to use a gentle brush to scrub the ring, making sure that you don’t do away with any of the jewelry stones.

Give a proper rinse

Once you are sure that it is clean, run water through it at a low pressure to give a proper rinse. Ensure you block any outlet or tap the water as you rinse it to be sure that all its parts are kept intact. Go ahead and dry it using a lint-free cloth. You are well to go.

He has gifted you an engagement ring; it is your job to keep it clean. You can do the cleaning once or twice a week. There are many lessons that you can learn about vintage jewelry. If it does not give you that sparkling appearance, then find a professional to clean it effectively.

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