Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat – Convertible, Safe & Best For Your Baby

You’ve got a newborn baby, and you want to make sure that they are safe. Safety applies everywhere, even at home, for instance, you need to know what to do when your baby swallows bathwater or at least prevent him/her from doing so, right?

Your baby’s safety while on the road is crucial. So you start researching the best car seats on the market, but there are so many choices! Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is perfect for parents looking to buy a car seat for their newborn baby.

The Britax B-safe 35 Infant Car Seat is one of the top-rated infant car seats currently available on the market today due to its innovative design and safety features, which include SafeCell impact.

It’s a convertible car seat, which means it will grow with your child. The installation is quick and easy thanks to the Click & Safe Snug HarnessTM system that makes sure you’re using the proper amount of snugness on the harness straps. It guarantees a secure and comfortable ride for your little one!

It is designed with safety features that will keep your little one safe in case of an accident, and it also includes some convenient extras like a cup holder, so you can take care of yourself while on the go! This car seat has been rated as the best infant car seat by several leading sources.

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Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Features

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Below are features of the Britax B-safe Car seat that makes it stand out from the rest:

  • It has a removable canopy that will keep your baby shaded and your hands-free if you need to change their diaper or feed them during the ride. The fabric is also water-resistant, so that you easily wipe the spills without worrying they’ll damage anything!
  • The head support system is adjustable as well, meaning it can accommodate infants of different sizes depending on how old they are when born. This feature allows for more than one child in the same vehicle since each one will have an appropriate fit with ease!
  • The canopy on the car seat is also removable, so you can protect your baby from harsh sunlight or rain if necessary. Two air-filled rubberized side impact protection areas make it difficult for an object to hit and cause injury to your precious cargo for added safety! The Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat has a very sleek design with black fabric and silver accents, making this product aesthetically pleasing as well! Comfort.


Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat has a high-strength steel frame and impacts the absorbing body. The seat is constructed to provide protection and peace of mind for parents, grandparents and caregivers.

A chin strap keeps little ones from overstretching while asleep (or trying to escape) and reduces the chances of them getting tangled in their seatbelt! The chest clip is also adjustable and accommodates both left and right-handed parents with ease. It’s easy to use, even if you’re juggling a fussy infant and your phone at the same time!

This car seat can comfortably accommodate any child up to 120 pounds. It features a five-point harness with an energy-absorbing foam insert for extra protection, two deep side walls to contain the baby in case of collision and an adjustable headrest that can adjust as your child grows. The cover is machine washable; it also has a special breathing design on the fabric, allowing air circulation to prevent sweat build-up on hot days or when heating during winter months.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat also comes complete with an infant body pillow (sold separately) for added comfort while sleeping. The attachment system provides an easy installation with Britax’s quick-tightening LATCH connectors that also helps you keep the vehicle belts tight.

It comes in a variety of colors: green, violet or black model available which includes Car Seat has EPS energy-absorbing foam liner which absorbs crash forces across a wide range of severities two different color cushions for newborns as well as one head support levels by deforming progressively without taking on excessive for small infants.


Britax B-Safe car seat features an innovative True Side Impact Protection design, so you can be confident it will provide years of safe driving for your little one as they grow up into their energy-absorbing foam lining and steel frame construction, all designed to minimize toddler years.

The design includes a new engineered taller shell with built-in protection zones providing an extra area of coverage around your baby’s chest, stomach, and shoulder blades. It is important because it helps protect the baby from objects in front or behind, like door hinges, that may cause serious trauma if contacted during an accident – even at low speeds!

It ensures that accidents don’t touch your baby’s head and spine area -to-use and reliable for families looking for peace of mind because they absorb all the energy from the impact before it comes to your children

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat also has a steel-reinforced frame. The car seat is built on Britax’s Safecell Impact Protection design.

How Do You Use this Car Seat?

This infant car seat weighs about 11 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around when necessary. It has an adjustable back panel and a removable head and body support system for your baby’s comfort while in their carrier. A five-point harness keeps them snug, so they don’t slip out of their carrying device!

There are two locking clips on the bottom part of the vehicle’s lower Latch anchors that make it easier to install or uninstall from your car for installation purposes. You can recline the seat; if your baby falls asleep during a long ride, you can gently lay them back for more comfort.

Benefits of Using this Car Seat

  • The reclining capability of the seat is advantageous when trying to keep an infant about 11 pounds which makes it easy to carry from the car to a hotel room.
  • The Britax B-Safe is also advantageous when trying to keep an infant’s head and body aligned while they’re sleeping or sitting upright, as well as making sure their neck isn’t too close to the vehicle’s backseat edge for safety purposes.
  • You can remove the cover on this model without using tools, so it’s easier than ever to clean the fabric after spills happen while in transit. It’s also machine washable, which is a huge plus. You won’t have to worry about the cover getting dirty with this model. It’s an all-in-one solution for you and your little one.
  • Safety – The safety of these products are great, but they’re not just safe. They provide comfort, too, so your child always feels comfortable while travelling with them in their car seat.
  • It is also compatible with most strollers on the market. Every Britax car seat features any side impact injury to the head and spine. Plus, it offers dual tether attachments for added safety in case one detaches during an accident so that you can be confident as well!

When Does the Britax B-Safe Car Seat Expire?

The Britax B-Safe Car Seat is designed to service you for 6-10 years from the day they were manufactured. When purchasing the seat, look out for any signs of wear or damage and check the manufacture date.

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In Summary:

The safest way to protect your baby in a vehicle is by using a Britax B-Safe 35 Car Seat. They are designed with extra support and protection features that keep babies safe from accidents or injuries while traveling at high speeds. While travelling, don’t forget to breastfeed your baby, breast milk is the liquid gold.

One of the most popular brands among parents today is Britax. Their long-standing reputation has been built on their commitment to quality products that are easy to use and offer the highest level of safety for your most precious cargo, your baby.

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