Baby Shower Games Ideas for a Fun Filled Event

Of all the old age traditions that have passed the test of time, baby showers take the lead. It is more like a “rite of passage”  for moms to be and a chance for family and friends, mostly women, to come together to congratulate the new mom on her next stage of life, shower her with gifts and pieces of advice on baby care and life after birth.

It is possible to have a fun-filled day with food and games. Allow your guests to have a moment of their life by unleashing their competitive side to spice up the occasion.

After you all have a fill of the yummy food that is a treat at baby showers, use the following games as the dessert!

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Unique and Themed Baby Shower Games for Boys and Girls

Baby showers don’t have to be boring and follow a specific routine, for instance, arriving at the venue, having lunch, cutting the cake, gifting the mom-to-be, and taking photos. Come on!! You can always spice things up by incorporating some unique games to make the day interesting and most importantly memorable.

Wondering what activities you can engage in at the baby shower? We’ve compiled a few games that will make the day memorable. Take a look and usher in the baby girl/boy in style.

 Guessing Game

If your baby shower is more sophisticated, then you can indulge your guests with the guessing game. You can fill a large jar with baby items, give your guests a few minutes to scan through the jar.

Cover the jar and allow your guests to guess the baby items they saw in the jar. The one with the correct guesses gets a little prize.

The items could range from safety pins, pacifiers, nappies, brushes, wipes, and any other baby-related item. Have fun with each guest trying to outdo the other in this guessing game!

Blind-fold Building Blocks

Blindfold building blocks is another exciting game that can be both fun and intriguing; have your guests in blindfolds and place building blocks in front of them.

Allow every blindfolded guest to stack the blocks and build a tower as fast as possible. The guest with the tallest tower in under one minute wins the prize.

Who Brought the Gift?

Most baby showers are an opportunity for family and friends to come together and gift the mother-to-be with baby items and other essentials she may require for her new baby.

To make it more fun, place all your wrapped gifts in one place and ask the mom-to-be to open up each gift and try to guess who among her guests brought the gift. Have fun watching her try to match her gifts to the owners.

Guess Who?

Baby shower games consist of so many guessing games. Guess who is another fantastic one. When inviting the guests, the event planner might ask each of the guests to carry a photo of them while they were young, a photo that probably none of the other guests has seen before.

Once you have all the photos together, give each guest a photo, which is not theirs, and ask them to guess who the baby in the photo is. This game is more engaging as people will go on and on about how the baby photos are cute, and how they look different.

Name Maker

You can play this game to help the mom-to-be come up with a suitable name for her newborn, or do it just for fun. Ask the guests, using only the letters of mom and dad’s names, to come up with an appropriate name for the baby.

It is a fun game as it brings out the creative side of the guests, and who knows? Mom and dad could get unique baby name ideas if they have not settled on a name yet ~ or they could get a new nickname for their bundle of joy.

Know the Mom!

Baby Shower Games Ideas for a Fun Filled Event

Baby shower games are not just for guests; you can also indulge the mom-to-be in fun. With her help, write down a list of fun facts about her in the form of questions like where she grew up and when she was born, where she went to school or her favorite childhood memory, etc.

Once your guests are settled, you could use this as an icebreaker. Ask the questions, or let the mom-to-be ask the questions and let the guests try to come up with the correct answers. The guest with the correct answers takes the prize.

Famous Children

To play this game, you could think of a list of famous parents – both local and international, whether in sports, media, entertainment, or just public figures.

Find out whether they have children and the name of their eldest child. Have a marking scheme for your reference, and give each of your guests a list of famous parents.

Ask each guest to state the name of the eldest child of each famous parent. The guest with the highest number of correct names wins.  This game adds to the excitement of the baby shower.

Nursery Rhymes

Given a chance, we would all want to set foot into our childhood even for a minute. Since memories are, we have tested your guests’ childhood memories by playing a section of nursery rhymes and asking them to finish the lyrics.

It is fun and thrilling as guests try to remember the lyrics to the songs they sang along to when they were younger. It is an excellent way to take a ride back in time and feel nostalgic for a moment.

My Water Broke!

My water broke, one of the age-old traditional games played at baby showers. It involves freezing some tiny plastic toys and handing each guest one piece.

They all have to hold their frozen toy until it all melts away, and all they have in hand is the toy. Once the water melts, you have to shout ‘my water broke!’ otherwise, you lose it. You may be the first person with melted ice, but as long as you don’t shout ‘my water broke,’ it won’t count.

It is more like saying ‘checkmate’ in a game of chess. This game is a replica of what happens to an expectant woman. Once the water breaks, it is time for the baby to come.

Hand-written Love Letters

Among the best games to play at a baby shower is hand-written love letters.  Ask all the guests to write a personalized letter to the expectant mom. Shower the mom with words of advice and affirmation.

You can make it fun or sentimental, depending on how close you are to the mom-to-be. Seal all the letters and present them to the expectant mom.

She can go through the letters at her own time, and savor the messages in those lines – this leaves a lasting impression; a lot of people can live for ages on a good compliment!

With the current pandemic, it is unlikely that people will gather around for baby showers and other events. However, technology brings people together.

It is possible to have a virtual baby shower, then deliver the gifts to the mom-to-be. Even so, you can still indulge in fun baby shower activities online (either via Zoom or Google Hangouts); it does not have to be boring just because it is a virtual meeting.

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