Best Baby Bath Tub – With Seats Suitable for Newborns and Infants

Baby bath time is a wonderful time really. It’s when cleaning all those food splatters and poop smears that you actually get to bond with your child, and have them smelling all good, fresh, and ready for the sniffing.

Back in the day, you could do all this in your ordinary kitchen sink, but nowadays, we’ve discovered a more efficient way of keeping those floppy new-borns and irritable babies in place – baby bathtubs. With these adorable little tubs, Bath time stops being a hustle and instead transforms into an enjoyable, fun time.

These baby tubs are made to meet every baby and parent’s needs. They come in various different shapes and sizes, with a couple of extra tweaks like padded backrests and mesh slings to keep your baby upright and suspended, so they don’t get immersed in water. However, in case your child swallows bath water either accidentally or intentionally there are a few tips to guide you and help prevent such incidences.

Most baby bath tubs are made using either foam or plastics which makes cleaning really easy. They also feature many cute designs, so your little one actually enjoys bath time.

To help you get one that suits you perfectly, we have compiled together a list of the best baby bathtubs with the features to enable you to get the best experience.

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Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub

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Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection 

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The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub 

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Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub, 0-12 Months 

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The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub 

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1. Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub

Judging by a large number of positive reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that our number one, the Fisher-Price Whale does not come to play. The bathtub features its signature cute baby whale design, intuitively crafted to make bath time a fun time for any toddler.

The tub has a contoured infant seat, coupled with a cozy padded seat back to keep your baby in an upright position and prevents them from sliding and slipping. As if that is not enough, the seat on this baby is removable. This means that you can easily detach it if you need more room for bathing or if your kiddo adds a few extra pounds.’

The fisher price also prides itself on its innovative flush drain plug, so the cleanup will be a breeze. The tub is small enough to fit in most sinks and requires basically no assembly. With all this, the tub is simply a must-have for any newborn and even growing babies.


  • Has a padded seat with back support for babies who can’t sit up
  • The seat is removable in case you need more room
  • Has innovative flush drain plug for an easy cleanup
  • Cute whale design


  • The knob holding the plug in place may wear off after some time
  • Comes with a couple of stickers that are hard to get rid of
  • Might be a little big overall and might not fit in your kitchen sink as well

2. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection

If you are looking for a bathtub that you can carry around with you during the summer, then the adorable Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection is just what you need. The bathtub is inflatable, which means it can be deflated, easily folded up, and packed when traveling.

Despite this, the tub has enough room for your child to sit up and move around, making it perfect for little ones who are a little big for infant baths but too small for regular baths.

But that’s not all. Also, in place in this baby is a saddle horn that first right between your child’s legs. This prevents them from slipping and sliding during bath time. The good thing about the saddle horn is that it can be independently deflated for when your child grows a bit older.

Overall, the tub is inexpensive and small, so it is easy to store. It is lightweight too, fits perfectly in a single sit, and is easy to inflate when the need arises.


  • Deflatable therefore easily portable for travels
  • Has an adorable design
  • Small, therefore perfect for small toddlers
  • Comfortable with a deflatable saddle horn to keep your child in place
  • inexpensive


  • Prone to damage if it gets pricked
  • Requires some effort to blow it up

3. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is like the transformers of baby bathtubs. Featuring its special comfort-sling, the bathtub can be adjusted to suit your child for up to 3 stages of their growth. That is, from newborn to toddler, to as big as 2 years.

The sling itself is ergonomically designed to be comfortable enough such that it holds your growing baby more peacefully during bath time. It also has a mesh in place for extra support. The sling is easy to install, remove, and clean, so you can do it after every bath.

The tub also features its own special design that will keep your baby upright when you get rid of the sling or when your baby gets older. It is lightweight and small enough to fit almost anywhere you deem fit to bathe your baby, but still large enough to support you, baby, as they grow. Users especially like how easy it is to clean.


  • Has comfortable sling to keep your newborn stable
  • Large, so it grows with your child
  • Nice ergonomic design


  • If the water level isn’t right, the sling may hold the baby too high and leave them feeling cold
  • The tub itself may be a little large for really small kids (without the sling)

4. Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub, 0-12 Months

The Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub, 0-12 Months with its beautiful design, smooth curves, and backrest are made for warmth and comfort. You’ll especially appreciate its pint-size, which enables it to fit literally anywhere. The tub also has a built-in support bump and padded backrest that will keep your little one in an upright position during bath time.

Because of its unique shape, the munchkin sit can be used either as a standalone tab or put inside a regular sink or tub. It has a nice amount of depth too, so you get to fill the water to a level that will keep your child secure and warm. The tub also includes a pull tub drain for easy cleaning and has handles that double as storage hooks. Simply hang it up to dry once you are done cleaning, and it will be nice and dry for your next use.


  • Cute design with greater depth for optimal water levels
  • Has handles for easy storage
  • Built-in support bump to keep your child comfortable


  • The depth makes it more suitable for a larger sized baby who can sit already
  • The floor lacks a stable grip to prevent sliding

5. The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub

The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub is like having two tubs in one. Its special design is made in such a way that it will support your child through all the four stages of growth (from the early new-born days to their toddlerhood). It features an insert cradle that is easy to reposition.

This is especially good for comforting the first-timers or newborns during their early stages. The tub also has a gentle incline that allows it to sit inside a kitchen sink or a toddler tub where it suspends perfectly. With this, you get to keep the faucet running, so your little one doesn’t get cold.

To enhance the experience, the First Years 4 in 1 also incorporates other special tweaks to its design. This includes a medium incline to nestle the older infants, with a gentle water cascade designed to keep them warm all through the bath.

For the growing baby, just as you change the baby wear as they grow, you have the option of removing the insert and let the upright incline of the bathtub support your baby. For a grown toddler, you can use the other side of the tub, which gives the best perch for any kids who can sit on their own or those who like to move around.


  • Allows your child to easily transition through the growth stages
  • Its insert is good for keeping your infant comfortable in multiple positions
  • Has a good quality feel to it


  • Some users claim the plastic insert feels a bit hard at first as compared to a sling.
  • The outer tube has a huge mound in the middle that might not hold the baby’s bum comfortably

Best Baby Bathtubs: With Seats Suitable For Newborns & Infants, To Fit in Sinks Too- Buying Guide

When looking for the perfect baby tub, there are a few things you should focus on to get the best possible experience. Out of these, some basic features are common to most baby bathtubs. We shall look at some of them down below to help you make a more informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Baby Bathtub

Does It Accommodate A Wide Age Range: Find A Bathtub That Grows With Your Child!

First and foremost, you’ll need to consider just how long you want to use the product. You’ll definitely want a product that will grow with your child as opposed to an inflexible one that your child won’t be comfortable in in a few months.

In this case, some good options are convertible types. Often you’ll find these kinds coming with attachments of some kind, like a sling or insert, which will allow you to configure your tub’s size depending on the size of your child. Usually, the insets can attach, for a more snug fit, and then detached when your little one needs some more space to sit up and splash around. Check that the bathtub has a gentle incline that will support your child in an upright position.

The Water Capacity: Can It Hold Enough Water?

There’s nothing worse than a bathtub that doesn’t accommodate the right amount of water. If it is too shallow, you will probably find it hard to give your baby a proper bath. The water gets cold real quick; your baby gets cold real quick… it’s just not good for anybody.

For this reason, it is best that you ensure that your bathtub hold’s enough water and at a nice depth too. A bigger tub might be harder to store or use in smaller spaces, but you’ll find that the ease and convenience of the washing experience are definitely worth the trade.

Now, when dealing with the size, we are talking about how your child fits in the bathtub itself. If the tub is too big, it increases the chances of your child sliding around and slipping inside the water. Therefore, start by comparing the size of the tub with your baby’s size and ensure that just the right amount of allowance.

Other Things to Consider

Can It Fit In A Sink?

It is quite hard to use a tub and fill it without the help of a sink’s faucet or a bathtub spout. Needless to say, the whole process is easier if your tub can actually fit in or sit over your sink. With this, you’ll only need to open your tap and let it flow, and open up the plug when you want it to drain.

Luckily, most bathtubs on our list can sit over or inside most basic types of sinks. If the one you want is too big, you’ll have to look for a flat surface where you can wash your child. A good alternative would be your regular bathtub or a countertop.

Non-Skid Surface: Safety before Everything!

To ensure that your child is safe throughout the process, you should try to avoid slippery bathtubs. You don’t want your child accidentally slipping inside the water and taking in some of it while they are at it. Instead, you can settle for a bathtub that has a non-skid surface or some kind of saddle horn that will keep them in place.

Also, on safety, you are advised to never leave your child alone in the tub. Studies have shown that newborns and even younger toddlers can drown in as little as an inch of water. Make sure that everything you need is within reach before you start the cleaning these items could be: towels, baby oil, diapers, clothes and swaddling blankets. Also, avoid moving the tub around while the baby is inside. This might cause them to slip in.

Drain and Plug: For An Easier Cleaning Process!

Most bathtubs, you will find out there tend to have their drains either on the walls or their base. This is really important as it allows you to easily clean and drains all the dirty water once done. However, in most cases, the bathtub will still have a little water left over, even after draining. In this case, you will want to wipe it down with a cloth and overturn the bathtub to dry after rinsing.

The tub should also be easy to dry. Since you’ll likely be washing the little one more than once a day, you’ll want the tub always clean and ready. If you leave it a dump, it might accommodate the growth of mold or mildew. Ensure that you inspect all your accessories or toys for this regularly.

Also, on the same issue of maintenance, the bathtub you choose must be easy to clean. You will find this in the tubs with fewer amounts of crevices. With this, you get to save time cleaning to do all your other duties around the house.

How to Clean a Baby Bathtub

Since your baby’s skin is delicate, it is important that you clean the tub thoroughly after each use to keep it free from any mold, mildew, or bacteria. You can manage this with your ordinary brush and liquid soap. However, it is also a good idea to consider doing a deep clean every once in a while.

For this, you’ll need a gentle multi-purpose cleaner, liquid soap, or vinegar, and then scrub it down with a toothbrush or scrub to remove any stubborn underlying build-up. In the event that the tub is stained, avoid using any bleaches of any kind. Instead, you can use baking soda. Start by mixing the soda with water to form a paste then rub it on the tub.

After the cleaning is complete, ensure that you wipe it down with a clean rag, so it is nice and dry. Don’t do the cleaning right before you bathe your child. You want it to dry out in the air, so it doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin.

How to Use A Baby Bathtub

When compared to an ordinary life-sized bathtub, a baby bathtub in itself is already a much safer option when bathing your baby. Some of them come in their own special designs that will enhance the way your child is positioned and make the whole process much easier. However, some basic guidelines you can follow for a smoother experience include:

  • Have everything prepared before you fill the tub: with this; you won’t need to move around or leave your child alone.
  • Ensure that the water depth and its temperature are regulated: your baby’s skin is sensitive. The water should neither be too hot or too much. Two inches should be about right for the very newborns. However, you can vary this according to the size of your child.
  • Then start by position your child on the designated side of the tub. Keep one hand as support for your baby at all times to ensure that your baby is positioned well upright through the process. Some tubs have backrests and non-skid features that will help with this, but you still need to keep your hands on the child to reduce any risk of slipping.
  • Wash your little one’s scalp and face first then work downward to the body, then the bottom
  • Wrap your baby securely with a towel then pat dry
  • When done with the whole thing, wash your bathtub and rinse it out, then set it out to dry for the next wash


With all the fancy bathtub options available out there, you can’t possibly lack one that fits you and your baby’s needs. To fast-track your selection process, we have chosen only the very best for you, backed with detailed reviews.  Although the different products tend to defer in designs and features, we have ensured that they are all suitable for the safety and comfort of your child.

It is also important that you base your selection on your baby’s age and size as well as your own individual standards as the parent. If you are traveling much, for instance, you’ll want an inflatable tub that you can easily fold away and pack.

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