Baby Swallowed Bath Water: What Should I Do?

Women are privileged enough to support life growing inside them, isn’t that amazing? With pregnancy comes the joy of a tiny human growing inside you, but we cannot negate the fact that there are some pretty tough times too. Remember how you couldn’t find the right sleeping position or even that pillow that will give you ultimate support? 

I just heard you sigh! It was tough, but the journey was all worth it, right? Now your bundle of joy is here with you, and all there is in the house is pure joy.

One common thing with first-time moms is, they freak out. The baby crying while being dressed is enough reason to think they broke a bone.  Now, your baby has swallowed bathwater, and you’re wondering what comes next. You’re on your own, a first-time mom with no clue as to what to do.

Should you make a dash for the emergency room or call 911? Well, fret not because this is normal. Any veteran mom will tell you that your baby ingesting bathwater isn’t something to worry about; believe her.

It goes without saying that your child will consume a lot of bathing water in their stint as a toddler. It could happen accidentally, if they open their mouth during bath time or intentionally when older, as babies are by nature very playful and curious.

If you are wondering what to do if your baby has swallowed bathwater, we’ve got you. Below you will find three possible scenarios that could arise as a result of your baby swallowing bath water and what to do in order to prevent their occurrence. After all, prevention is and will forever remain to be better than any cure.

Possible Occurrences if Your Baby has Swallowed Bath Water

 Baby Swallowed Bath Water: What Should I Do?

If you are a first-time mom, you could be reading this just to educate yourself. However, if your baby has just swallowed bathwater, then you’ll have to first calm down in order to deal with the situation with a clear mind. First things first, breathe in and out because there are several possible occurrences if your baby has swallowed bathwater.

If you are ready, let’s get into the first possible scenario. This particular one will leave you sighing in relief.

1. Nothing

You probably didn’t see this one coming, but guess what, the first possible scenario is good news to your eyes; nothing will happen. This means that despite your baby swallowing bathwater, the bare minimum will happen. Your baby will probably cough and splatter a bit, but that’s just about it.

Observe to note whether your baby burps, as it is a common indicator that water reached the stomach. However, this does not necessarily spell out any danger. Your baby will only experience some minor discomfort, but that’s about it. See, it doesn’t always have to be bad.

NB: If your baby is under six months, then he/she should under no circumstances drink any water, and this includes swallowing bath water. This is due to the fact that the baby’s body and stomach are small, which would result in the disruption of their sodium balance. This would in turn cause water intoxication.

2. Intoxication as a Result of Harmful Substances

Soaps and shampoos are made from a number of ingredients. Some of these ingredients are toxic, which could prove to be harmful to your baby, especially if your baby is under 6 months. In the event that your baby swallows shampoo or soap that is made from toxic substances such as formaldehyde, you are advised to contact the Poison Control Centre ASAP.

Tip: Always read the list of ingredients in your baby’s soaps and shampoos in order to avoid buying products with toxic substances.

3. Water Intoxication

It is common knowledge that 75% of a human being’s mass is made up of water. However, if this number is surpassed and there’s too much water in the body, sodium levels in the blood are reduced, which then results in water intoxication. Simply put, if your baby ingests too much bathwater, it could be fatal, especially if your baby is below six months.

Important: Albeit rare, in the event that you are worried that water intoxication has occurred, rush your baby to the nearest emergency room.

Preventive Measures in the Event Your Baby Swallows Bath Water

And while you have the option to rush your baby to the hospital if they swallow bathwater, preventing it from happening altogether should be your go-to option. It not only preserves your baby’s health,  but also saves you more than a few bucks that would have otherwise been used in hospital bills.

We have gone ahead and provided an overview of what to do in order to prevent incidents in which your baby swallows bathwater. After all, there’s no guarantee that nothing is going to happen every single time your baby swallows bathwater. 

1. Keep all the bath accessories in the bathroom

Moms, this one is the easiest yet most effective preventive measure! All you need to do is to ensure that you keep all the accessories that you will need during your baby’s bath time in the bathroom. This ensures that you do not have to leave your baby unattended, which in turn significantly reduces any chance of the baby ingesting the bathwater.

2. Invest in a bath hat

A bath hat plays the role of a shield for your baby’s face, thus preventing water from rolling onto the face as you wash the baby’s hair. You can even make the bath hut more baby-friendly by adding a few stickers of your baby’s favorite cartoons, they will be sure to like it more. This will allow you to use it during bath time without any resistance from the baby.

3. Make use of suction seat

Making use of a suction seat during bath time significantly reduces the risk of your baby swallowing water as you tilt their head. It does so by putting your baby far over the water level, thus reducing any instances of water entering your baby’s mouth. As a mom, you are typically advised to ensure that the bathing water you put in the tub does not surpass 2 inches.

4. Incorporate non-toxic shampoos and soaps

This one is not too complicated, simply ditch the toxic shampoos and soaps and replace them with non-toxic ones. All you need to do is make a conscious effort to read the list of ingredients on the baby products to ensure that they are chemical-free, and just like that you’ll have avoided any future trips to the emergency room. The toxic shampoos might be cheaper, but it is common knowledge that in the end, cheap is expensive!

Is it Possible for a Baby to Drown After Swallowing Bath Water?

Albeit rare, it is possible for dry drowning or secondary drowning to occur if your baby has swallowed bathwater. Most people use secondary drowning synonymously with dry drowning. However, the two are different in nature. If you are wondering what the difference is, read on to find out. Let’s start with dry drowning.

Dry drowning occurs when your baby inhales water through the nose or mouth, resulting in the constriction of the airways, which then makes it difficult to breathe. On the other hand, secondary drowning is characterized by water getting into the lungs, which leads them to swell. Once the water is in the lungs, it triggers fatal infections.

Note: Dry drowning only occurs if your baby’s face is covered or immersed in water, as opposed to just swallowing water.

See? As a mom, there is so much that you are justified in worrying about as far as the wellbeing of your baby is concerned, but ingesting bath water should not give you sleepless nights. We have provided you with information on what could happen in the event that your baby swallows bathwater, then gone ahead and given you a list of preventive measures.

If you’re expecting your bundle of joy anytime now and still don’t have a name for him or her, don’t stress, there are plenty of unique girl names and masculine boy names too. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

You’re now fully equipped to deal with any future instances in which your baby swallows bathwater.

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