Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids Family this Winter

Winter months can be long, dark, and overwhelming sometimes. You may have few activities to do, especially with children involved, being that you spend most time indoors. However, you can change the narrative and indulge in activities with family – both indoor and outdoor.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities to enjoy with your kids and family to keep winter boredom at bay.

Winter Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

Kids always want to have some fun. Winter doesn’t have to be an exception, there are different activities you can engage them in, instead of having them bundled up in bed because of the cold. Take a look at some of these activities and have some fun!

Volunteer as a Family

Children learn through actions; teach them compassion towards others by volunteering together as a family. There are a lot of compassionate centers and community-based organizations that thrive with the help of volunteers.

Binge Watch Family Movies

Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids Family this Winter

Nothing brings a family together than screen time! Transform your living room into a mini-cinema, complete with popcorn and colorful holiday mugs for your drinks, and have a movie fest! Make it more dramatic by hand-making some ‘movie tickets’  for each member of the family.

Redecorate/Reorganize your House

Have you been thinking of having a DIY home makeover? Winter is the perfect time to do that. With family around, redecorate your rooms, declutter and reorganize your space. It is fun to do this together with your kids. They would enjoy redecorating their rooms!

Enjoy a Barbecue and Bonfire

Do you long for some outdoor time during winter? You can get it by having friends and family over for a barbecue and bonfire. Have extra blankets and some warm water or your favorite hot beverage to keep you warm as you enjoy a good time with family and friends.


Winter months should not stop you from enjoying the great and magnificent outdoors. Find out the perfect place to ice skate, dress up, and have fun with your family, while at it, you’ll also be exercising. Ensure safety while engaging in such outdoor activities.

Skiing or Sledding

Playtime is a recommendation for every child.  Although winter may discourage them from venturing outside, ice and snow come with fantastic skiing and sledding activities. Ensure you layer your clothes to keep you warm and enjoy your family time.

Take a Trip

There are myriad snow-capped sceneries that are enjoyable for both kids and adults. You can take a train trip, enjoy the magical wonders of winter, and experience the ultimate winter getaway!

Read a Book

You may be having a book that you have postponed reading for various reasons. Winter offers you the perfect time to snuggle by the fire, hot chocolate in one hand, a book in the other. It is fun reading together as a family, and reviewing the book at the end!

Join an Online Class

Yes, thanks to the internet, the world has become a global village. You can join a class without leaving the comfort of your home. Learn a language, an instrument, or any other craft. There are also child-friendly lessons that your children will enjoy.

Send Hand-written Letters to your Family and Friends

Most families come together during the winter months, but not everyone makes it for the get-together for some reason. Take this time to send them warm wishes through a hand-written letter. Involve your kids and allow them to express themselves in their way.

Visit your Local Library

Many of us can never get enough of books. With a lot of time in your hands during winter, you can visit the local library and grab some books with winter themes to enjoy at home with your family. You can also do a book exchange with your friends.

Explore your Arty Side

Bundle up your family, draw, and color some beautiful winter-themed pictures. You can hang this artwork somewhere around your house or send it to a friend or family. You can also build a snowman, take a knitting class, go to the craft show for some supplies, and make stuff for each other.

Bake away your Boredom

If you get bored easily when you spend more time indoors, you can while away time by baking some delights. Cakes, biscuits, cookies, name them. You can also use this time to try out new recipes from across the world and enjoy the different cuisines with your family.

Donate to a Local Charity

Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids Family this Winter

Apart from volunteering, you can also lend a helping hand to the less fortunate by donating to a local charity. Collect clothes, blankets, shoes, or any item you do not use but can help a needy person and present it to charity. You will feel accomplished and happy; knowing your little act of kindness will go a long way to make someone smile.

Winter comes with blessings and challenges – the joy of the holidays, time with family, beautiful scenes in the snow, and challenges like lower temperatures that make you want to hibernate. Make winter count by indulging in the activities mentioned above and more.

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