Holiday Gift Guide to Help Your Spouse Sleep Better

The holidays are a time to reflect on oneself and be with loved ones. It is an opportunity to rest from the hustle and bustle of a tumultuous year. Unfortunately, rest is a pipe dream when you cannot sleep — and so is a good time with your loved ones. Sleeping does not only help you relax, but also helps improve your immunity.

Is your spouse having difficulty sleeping? The best gift is one that will make them sleep better this holiday season. So, what should you get them? We have prepared for you a holiday gift guide to help your spouse sleep better. 

Make sure you research the products before you make that purchase!

Gift Ideas You Should Consider to Help Your Spouse to Sleep Better this Holiday Season

Gift Guide Ideas to Help Your Spouse Sleep Better

Sleep is vital for every person’s overall health and well-being. It enables the body to repair itself, helping us to be ready for a new day when we sleep.

When you get some good sleep, you boost your immune system, you are most likely to be in very good moods and your memory will be perfect!

Let’s take a look at some holiday gift ideas for your spouse who is having difficulty sleeping.

1. At-Home Sleep Test Kit

Many people struggling with apnea are in denial, which makes them ignorant of the problem and the possible solutions. It would help if they confirmed their condition, and they will be more open to the suggestion if you get a sleep test kit to use at home.

The CPAP at-home sleep testing kit is easy to use. All your spouse has to do is put it on and sleep like they usually do. The kit will collect the relevant data, which will then be analyzed by professionals to determine the diagnosis!

2. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

What makes a shredded pillow special? It is softer and more comfortable than ordinary pillows, for starters. It is also designed to support the head and neck in an optimal sleeping position. This way, your spouse’s neck will not feel fatigued or soar as they sleep. Additionally, the gentle material on their face will soothe you into a deep sleep.

3. Weighted Blanket

Does your spouse sleep better when you cuddle them? Nothing beats your soft cuddling arms, but a weighted blanket qualifies as a helper. These blankets are filled with soft sand to make them heavier than ordinary blankets. The extra weight makes it feel as if someone is cuddling you or holding you down gently, making it easier to fall asleep.

4. Special Sheets

Some people cannot sleep because they feel uncomfortable between the sheets. Some get warm and start sweating, making sleeping a sticky affair, while others feel too cold for comfort. Others may also complain of itchiness or a general feeling of discomfort. The problem may have something to do with your choice of bedsheets.

Get your husband a special set of sleep-inducing bed sheets, depending on their problem. Some sheets are designed to absorb moisture and expel excess heat, while others are designed to trap the heat.  

5. Special Sleeping Mattress

The mattress can make all the difference when it comes to sleep quality. Ordinary mattresses can only do so much for someone struggling with sleep apnea. It is time to switch to special mattresses with sleep-inducing features such as automatic body contouring, cooling/warming technology, special materials, and more.

There are lots of mattresses customized for people struggling with sleep apnea. Experts recommend going all the way and investing in the best-quality option you can afford!

6. Sleeping Headphones  

Sound can be a distraction, but it can also help you fall asleep. Sleeping headphones support both purposes: they can either tune out all noises for a peaceful sleeping environment, or they can play soothing sounds to soothe you into sleep. They support a wide range of soothing sounds, such as the rain falling, the ocean roaring, or gentle music — and anything else you may have in mind.

7. Online CPAP Prescription

If you have tried all these options and your spouse is still having difficulty sleeping, it may be time to consider a sleeping prescription. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome, requiring you to drive to the pharmacist regularly. CPAP will prescribe you sleeping medication online for the whole year — all you have to do is complete a questionnaire and take their at-home sleeping test.

Final Thoughts 

Just like foods and supplements, Sleeping is essential to your spouse’s health and general wellbeing. Make this holiday a time for them to truly take a break from the world by helping them sleep better. These items will make for excellent sleep-inducing holiday gifts.

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