7 Herbs and Supplements to Improve Your Immune System

Typically, the immune system protects the body from diseases by responding to antigens. A strong immune system protects the body from diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms.

Poor diet, lack of enough sleep, excessive alcohol intake, and stress are among factors that compromise the effectiveness of an immune system.

Notably, low immunity makes it difficult for your body to fight attacks from various infections, thereby putting your life at risk.

Herbs and supplements help improve the immune system. Some give you a better fighting chance when diseases knock, while others such as vitamins give you healthy skin.

Health Supplements You Should Try out to Improve Your Immunity

Herbs and Supplements to Improve Your Immune System

Exercising is beneficial for a strong immune system, which is key in helping your body fight various diseases. This enables you to sustain good health despite prevailing threats from various infections.

The advent of COVID-19 19 across the World has unearthed serious immunity concerns in most individuals. In essence, many deaths linked to COVID-19 have been attributed to patients suffering from various health conditions.

Here are some herbs and supplements that will boost your immune system.

Bacopa Monnieri

Sourcing for the right supplement with the correct proportions of nutrients is integral to boosting your immune system. In this regard, Bacopa Monniera is a one-stop supplement that can transform your immune system for the better within the shortest time possible.

Also known as Brahmi or water hyssop, this herb is used for improving memory, lack of attention, and hyperactivity disorder. It is effective in improving the functions of the brain.

In other words, it boosts the strength of the brain, thereby enhancing its functions. Ideally, the supplement enhances memory levels, memory consolidation, and alertness.

Folic acid

A combination of folic and folate acid forms of soluble vitamin B. Folic acid forms Vitamin B while folate is available naturally in food. Folic acid is added to cold cereals, bread, and all bakery items.

Folic acid is used to treat low blood levels of folate and high blood levels of hyperhomocysteinemia.

Folic acid is integral in treating various conditions, including stroke, memory loss in older people, and depression. Ideally, Folic acid is combined with other vitamin B to work effectively.

Omega 3 fatty acids

7 Herbs and Supplements

This is one important supplement that you should have for your family. Omega 3 fatty acids serve a myriad of purposes in promoting good health. They save you from heart-related complications like stroke and heart attack, reduce chances of cardiac arrest patients dying out of cardiac arrest disease and low blood pressure.

In other words, reduces chances of developing heart-related complication. Generally, Omega 2 fatty acids are essential in maintaining good health.


The brain is a key organ in the body. Poor brain functioning can hurt the general functioning of other body organs. Remember, the brain coordinates the normal functioning of several body organs. Other functions of the brain include the control of speech, memory, movement of body parts, among other functions.

A healthy mind plays a critical part in human life. Poor memory and other memory defects can adversely cripple the life cycle of a human being, and to extreme levels lead to coma or death. Proper nutrition, therefore, ensures good health at each stage of a human life cycle.

Have you ever imagined how human beings would survive without a properly functioning brain? In essence, life can be miserable without the proper health of the brain. Phosphatidylserine is one exceptional supplement that can help improve the health of your mind.

The supplement contains a substance called phospholipid, which improves cell functioning, supports memory, and focus. Further; Phosphatidylserine is used to prevent aging-related complications like Alzheimer’s ailment.

Young people can use it to enhance their thinking skills as well as manage hyperactivity disorder, depression, and boosting athletes’ performance.

Turmeric supplement

Turmeric supplement has curcumin compound essential for preventing heart-related complications. The supplement is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which plays a significant role in fighting arthritis and depression.

Vitamin B1

Thiamine is one of the eight key essential B 1 vitamins. The vitamin is used to help the cells in the conversion of food to energy. Deficiency in vitamin B1 hinders the body from converting food to energy, resulting in general tiredness, muscle weakness, and even loss of appetite.

Have you ever imagined how the body would function should the food consume fail to be converted to energy? Taking thiamine supplements helps induce the action of enzymes to convert carbohydrates into energy.

B1 deficiency can result in various serious health complications that include paralysis.

Vitamin B 12

This supplement is critical in promoting healthy nerve tissue, producing red blood cells, and normal brain function. Ideally, vitamin B 12 is a key nutrient that ensures blood cells and nerves remain healthy.

Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 may result in anemia or megaloblastic anemia, resulting in general body weakness. The vitamin is critical in promoting general well-being through improving functions of the nervous and blood circulatory systems,

Additionally, the vitamin is responsible for the normal functioning of blood cells, maintaining proper metabolic functions, and the breakdown of nutrients. The supplement is available in tablets to boost your body’s functions and get rid of general health complications that may be brought up as a result of vitamin B 12 deficiencies.

7 Herbs and Supplements

A strong immune system helps your body manage various health threats that may be detrimental to your life. Your body needs strong defense mechanisms to fight disease-causing organisms to sustain the normal functioning of body organs.

Invasion of the body by disease-causing organisms affects the proper functioning of the body, resulting in health complications that affect human life. Investing in your immunity saves you a lot of resources that you may use to treat various ailments.

Are you wondering why your body is prone to various ailments that take too long to heal? Your immune system may be in question. Invest in supplements to boost your immunity and save lots of bucks you are spending on medication.

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