11 Adorable Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Deciding on names of anything can really be hectic. Not only that of your child, but also that of the Shopify business you want to set up. It’s always so many options that you just can’t decide what works best, what it will look like in the logo you’re already visualizing, and whether people relate to it.

Sigh!! Is there any simple thing under the sun, really? Anyway, business names aside, let’s talk baby names. Have you ever met someone and the moment they introduced themselves you thought, wow, that’s a nice name, never heard of it? Yeah, names carry a lot of weight, and you want your child to have an “amazing introduction” right?

One of the most important decisions that parents will make for their children is what to name them. It can be a tough decision, but it’s worth it! A person’s name holds meaning and sets a precedent for who they are in this world. So when you choose your baby’s name, you should know the meanings behind some of your favorite names.

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 Adorable Baby Boy Names

11 Adorable Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Let’s walk down memory lane before we get to some powerful names that you can give your little champion. Did you have an easy time looking for unique baby girl names, but just can’t seem to get it right with the baby boy you’re expecting? Below are 11 options of names you can choose from.

Help your son introduce themselves for as long as they’ll be alive!


This name originated from the Latin word “adriaticus,” meaning “from the Adriatic Sea.” Adrian means water or sea, which symbolizes peace, serenity, and a true heart. Adrian is a popular name in England, France, and Germany. Common nicknames are Dree or Daydee. A common nickname for Adrian is Daydee, which means “bird.”

Adrian remembers everything that is said to him with accuracy. They are also generous in their affections and will never forget the people they love most dearly. It is why an Adrian can make for a wonderful friend and a companion on long journeys.


It originates from the Old German word “Andres,” meaning man, warrior, which symbolizes strength. So it is a man’s name, and Andre is the French version that means “manly” in English.

It is associated with the Norse god of war, and it has a strong connection to masculinity.0 Andre means brave protector or warrior; it has its roots in France and can be related to masculinity or people who have their hearts there.


This name was derived from a place name meaning “ash tree town” or from the surname, derived from a place name meaning “settlement near an ash tree.” This name symbolizes a confident, intelligent and ambitious individual.

This name can also symbolize an individual who has a lot of ambition or seeks to find meaning in life, which leads them down many paths rather than staying with one thing. Ashton may have issues being satisfied with what they are doing because there’s so much more out there waiting for them.” This name is unisex, and that does not make it any less masculine.


This name originated from America, where it means a rebellious cowboy or wildly independent. Maverick is a play on words with Maverick, which are wild horses that refuse to be broken. This name suggests you will never tame your son, and he’ll always have the spirit of an adventurous little free-roamer.

He will always be wild and free, can never be tamed by anyone or anything in his life. Nicknames for Maverick are Mav and Mave. Maverick has been used by celebrities like Hugh Jackman and David Beckham as their son’s name.


This name has a Hebrew origin which means firm. Ethan is a popular name for babies and has been in the top 100 baby boy names list since 1880. It also means “solid, durable” or “steadfast, trustworthy, which symbolizes what the name means.

The first two syllables of Ethan are also shared with the biblical meaning, “God is my judge” or “strong one,” which offers a double meaning to this cute baby boy’s name. Popular nicknames are Ethen and Ethie, which can be shortened to Tee if you prefer something shorter.


This name means healing, and it originated in Hebrew. Jace is a great name for your little guy if you are looking for something meaningful. It symbolizes that your son will be strong and healthy. Its nicknames are Jayce and Jacee.


Ivan is a Slavic name that means God’s gracious gift, symbolizing strength and power. It derives from the biblical meaning of being merciful or having grace. Ivo is an English variant of Ivan with meanings such as “gracious,” which could be why it became popular in medieval times for knights to use this nickname before taking on some big task.

You might know someone by the name Ike who has been said to have been born under good auspices because they come from ancient Hebrew roots and mean “God will increase.” And if you’re looking for a more modern-day sound, then maybe go with Ivanhoe since it sounds like something out of Hollywood!


The name Slate is traditionally given to a boy who tends to be strong-willed but charming. Common nicknames for Slate are Slade and Slatey. A slate is a rock that is grey-green which symbolizes something pure and honest, strong-willed yet charming. A person called Slate is intelligent, smart-mouthed, but loyal to friends and family. The word “slate” has its roots in the Latin verb “latere,” meaning: ‘to lie hidden.’


The name means sharp, and it was derived from a bird’s claw, which symbolizes that it is delicate and sharp. It is intended for a person that is very sharp and can probably be intense at times. This name is perfect for a person who appears to have many sides in them or is very complex in their emotions. This name originated from America. Nicknames for Talon are Tally and Tal.


This name means a stranger or a newcomer, which symbolizes a person that is unknown and misunderstood. This name is great for a person that is reserved and mysterious. Greek roots mean strangers from outside.

Xenos is a perfect name for someone reserved or mysterious. This baby boy will grow up to be thoughtful and reflective, with a deep understanding of society’s flaws. He may appear withdrawn when dealing with emotions.

Xenos can act as an ambassador for those who are less able to speak up on their behalf, which means he will find it easy to empathize because of his sensitivity. Still, he may have trouble finding someone that accepts him without judging the circumstances or reasons behind his behavior.

This name is perfect if you want your little boy to grow into an insightful individual who cares about people’s needs in addition to their wants. Popular nicknames are Zee, Zane, and Zan.


Wilder is a rare name that means an untamed or wild animal that symbolizes a confident and free-spirited person. It’s an excellent name for an adventurous boy that is always on the go! He will bewilder than most little boys, so it’s a perfect fit. Wilder is also very uncommon, meaning he won’t have many other kids in his class with this unique name

His parents can feel assured that their son has a strong upbringing because of this unique outstanding name. They may not find other kids his age with it too, so they will know he’s exceptional, just like everyone else does! Its nickname is Wild.

In summary

If you are looking for some new baby names, this list of adorable boys’ names with their meanings will help you find the perfect name for your baby boy. You can find everything from common to uncommon boy’s name ideas, both modern and good timeless names, and a few favorites thrown in the mix too!

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