Relocating with Kids: 5 Tips for Getting Settled

moving-with-kidsMy last post, 7 Tips for Relocating with Kids, included ways to stay sane and organized during a move. The funny thing is I wrote that in the midst of packing, just before our state to state relocation.

The insanity set-in once we arrived at our new yet temporary digs. OK, “insanity” is a bit of an exaggeration yet it was a pretty crazy.


So… I made a list. Surprised? I blog, therefore, I list. If you are moving, I hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck!

5 Tips for Getting Settled after a Relocation

1) Get to know the weather

That may seem silly but we just moved to the desert. Yikes, hot. As much as it annoyed me every time someone told me it was going hot, it was a true fact. It’s hot in Arizona. Not the pack my bags and move again kind of hot though.  Summertime in Arizona is not really time for kids to run out play, ride bikes and chill under a shade tree in the middle of the afternoon. They can at the crack of dawn I suppose.

Find out about activities in the area prior to your move. It will help get the kids active and acclimated quickly. When my sister moved to the East Coast, she had the opposite weather exchange with the worst snow season in history. Whether hot or cold, people are still active. It will be at different times of the day than you may be used to. Get to know the weather and how people manage it.

2) Schedule? What schedule?!

Doesn’t sound like a “tip” per se. Just like vacation, the schedule will fly out the window when you make the move. The kids’ schedule shifted as soon as we started packing and dismantling our house. We went from regular bedtime to late nights and sleep-in kind of mornings.

The first week at our new place was a schedule mess. The kids were scared of their rooms. We weren’t used to ours. We got back on a routine within the first two weeks. The kids love their rooms, too! It’s a summer routine but soon early morning school will get them back on track.

3) Line up the activities

We moved during summer. A good thing for not pulling the kids out of school mid-year. Not so good when we had a 1-month block of time to keep kids busy, plus the 105+ temperature on most days. Luckily we had a pool at our place so the kids enjoyed the swim time and we made it a “pool party” most nights with them.

If I had a “do over” relocation, I’d set-up a few summer day camps for the kids. A treat for them, a break for me and my hubs.

4) Keep it Fun & Positive

This one was hard for me. In fact, I’m still working on it. I know the blog is “Be Positive Mom” yet we all have our moments. It’s not rainbows, unicorns and positive vibe all of the time. Let’s be real. It’s been stressful… no doubt about it!

Our little ones thought the recent lightening storm was cool. A drive to watch the houses in the area build up was neat. Going by their new school was and is exciting. A trip to the local pizza joint was fun. We’ve been invited to a few summer parties, too. Great way to meet new people and get reacquainted  with old friends.

If you’re on overload, change up what is stressing everyone out. Go out for a bit. It doesn’t have to cost extra money.

5) Get your hair done!

Find your new salon once you relocate. If you’re in serious need of a mani/pedi or a roots touch up because the move gave you a few grays… GO! I like to go get a cut/color so my locks look good which makes me feel even better.  I have my new salon appointment set and am super excited to treat myself. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! :-)


Moves are tough. Everything is new to everyone in the family, even your pets. There’s no right answer to make it completely smooth and stress free. Give it time!  Somehow we make it through… we make sweet memories and make our dreams come true.


Any relocation tips you’d like to share with us? Feel free to comment below!





Image courtesy of Rookie Moms. They have some great “moving” tips, too!

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