It’s a wrap for 2012!

I still can’t believe that 2012 is coming to an end… and so quickly! I was looking at past blog posts, my personal Facebook timeline and pics of the kids only to see how much was packed into the year.

It was a tough one for so many especially in the last few weeks with the Sandy Hook tragedy. If you read my last post, you may have noted that I took a break from social media most of December.

I started  to see things being posted that were feeling a bit off-putting to me and then the tragedy posts just became too much to witness.

Social media is an excellent avenue for bringing awareness to causes, promoting brands and connecting with others from all over the globe. The proverbial line became drawn when I started seeing brands using a tragedy such as Sandy Hook to promote their own products or services. A wrong move in my social media consciousness….

So I started thinking about my gratitude and lessons learned this year as I wind down 2012.

My list made me smile, laugh and even cry. The things that we can be most grateful for today may have been the hardest lessons we learned from yesterday. Hopefully that makes sense! :-)

20. The personal travel I experienced this year.

19. The people who drifted in and then out of my life”¦ teaching me many lessons.

18. Watching my hubby grow a garden of crazy, big peppers while teaching our kids about taking care of plants.

17. My hubby continued to teach our son golf techniques”¦ I think our little guy’s golf swing is better than his dad and uncles’ now!

16. We celebrated my 20-year high school reunion in August. Lots of fun and many memories made!

15. Our little guy is thriving in Kindergarten.

14. Our kids got to cut down the Christmas tree this year with their uncles and cousins helping us out.

13. The times my hubby and I got away to lunch or an overnight weekend kid-free.

12. Coffee. Enough said with that one!

11. Our baby girl is growing into a sweet, fun soon-to-be 3 year old. She is one happy chica!

10. Movie night with my mom.

9. Losing my job taught me many things about embracing change, trying something new and following my own path towards what I want to do next.

8. Meeting the ladies from Spark & Hustle and seeing the results of working hard for your dreams.

7. Every year my “high school” girlfriends meet on Christmas Eve morning for coffee, bagels and champagne (ok, champagne mainly but hey!). We catch up like we haven’t missed a day together.

6. The possibilities that are just waiting for me in 2013.

5. Blogging! I am so grateful for the connections I have made because of this blog and how much I have learned”¦ from coding websites, to social media marketing and creating my vision.

4. Walking my son to school.

3. Family weekends away to visit grandparents and good friends.

2.  My family.

1. Peace. For the first time since my sister’s passing, I had a feeling of peace during this holiday season. I enjoyed the new traditions, laughed with my kids and loved seeing old friends.

On Christmas Eve I noticed a picture on my girlfriend’s wall that summed up what I am most grateful as the year comes to an end”¦ that peace.


What does your 2012 list of gratitude include?

Enjoy the last few days of the year and… Happy 2013 to you!


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2 Responses to It’s a wrap for 2012!

  1. I love your gratitude list. So full of great things, both big and small. I love that your high school girlfriends get together every year. Happy New Year and here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!!

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