The Interviews: It’s Time for Mom’s Night Out!

It’s May 1st which means the National Mom’s Nite Out is just around the corner. I asked my friend  Wendy from Choosing Love to join the interview series because she is the organizer for a special event in Gilbert, Arizona (a place I used to live!).  Wendy offers us her insights on how to get started with your own local Mom’s Night Out and  ways she squeezes in her “game time” among all the things she manages.  Thank you Wendy for joining us this month.

Enjoy the interview!

Choosing Love is such an inspiration. Please share with us how you started the site and why.
Thank you Steph! Choosing Love began with a simple one week assignment from my Celebrate Recovery Step Study class where we were to keep a journal. Due to some physical needs, writing with pen and paper was not going to be the best option for me so I naturally turned to the computer and began writing. I had no idea what I was really doing at the time so originally I wrote under a pen name because I did not want anyone to read what I wrote. My site started as a place simply just for me and only the people in my class were the ones who knew about it.

My husband gave me the encouragement to step out in faith and let others know what I was writing. It was a gradual progression of revealing my identity and it came on full force when my mother and step-father almost died in a terrible car accident. Trying to keep updates going on Facebook and asking for prayer requests from a new small community of bloggers became overwhelming, so I invited my Facebook friends to visit my blog for updates. There was no going back at that point.

There is a deep need in all of us to feel loved and feel like we belong. For me, it is important to make the decision to choose to show love and is something that does not come naturally.

Everyone needs a Mom’s Night Out and yours is coming May 10th! Tell us the details of this special night for moms in Gilbert, AZ.
National Mom’s Nite Out was started by Maria Bailey and last year when I first found out about the event and could not find one in my area, I seriously contemplated moving closer to an event. After some serious thought that this might not be the best option, I decided to start my own local event for the women in our community.

On the Thursday before Mother’s Day, millions of moms gather to celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out at events held in person and online to celebrate motherhood. It is a wonderful time to get together with other moms in your community or to enjoy the virtual party online, where NMNO will be giving prizes away too!

This is the second year celebrating the national event in our local group and is a very exciting time since several local businesses are donating giveaway items. Giveaways also include nationally known brand name, Ghirardelli, and a brand new company called PreMama.

While I cannot speak for every Mom’s Nite Out event, the one I host is free for moms and free for businesses. I am passionate about giving back to our community and what better way to take care of those who live near us than starting with the moms who are raising the next generation. As a mom who once could not afford a night out, I am sensitive to those who simply cannot afford one thing extra.

Many women own their own business or are independent consultants trying to help make a little bit of extra money. Help a mom get her business going and you ultimately help a mom support her family.

Do you have any tips for moms who want to create a Mom’s Night Out event in their local area?
There are so many wonderful tips on the National Mom’s Nite Out site, which is a great place to start. For me there are three basic tips to creating an event in your local area.

  • Decide if you want to have a small, intimate get together of just people you already know or if you want to reach out to your community. This defines how your party will take shape.
  • If you are having a small group then location may be an easy choice by having it in someone’s home.
  • If you are opening the event to the community, then a public location would be a wise choice.
  • Call ahead of time and see if a restaurant would be accommodating to your group. Most are eager to welcome a group of women.
  • Plan for fun at the event. Great ways to ramp up the fun factor are giveaways, movie night, or Bunco night. You have to decide what would work best for your group.

Between your business, blogging and events, how do you find enjoy some “me time” and decompress?
This question made me smile! I also have to add that I homeschool two boys too. If you want to know the truth, decompressing for me is best done through video games. I am a gamer. I don’t know if it is the inner child coming out or a denial that another monumental decade is looming in the future, but I simply love working on my gamer score and the familiar alert sound that I earned another achievement. While I would like to say this time is usually just for me, I am often playing side by side with my husband on my Xbox while he plays on his own console right next to me. No word on whose gamer score is higher. Mine, of course!

I do not have specific “me time” marked off in the calendar, but I desire to have one set aside on a regular basis. In the meantime, staying up late to enjoy a quiet house allows my soul to think.   Pedicures are a new found love that no one ever told me about and my newest method of relaxation is watching movies on my cell phone in bed.   This allows my very tired body a chance to unwind while I wait for my brain to slow down and relax.

About Wendy

Wendy Wright is a homeschooling photographer of two boys who writes from her heart about the journey of letting go of heartache and pain while learning to dance in the rain. Social media is her virtual water cooler where there is always a party to attend or someone to pray for.

When not busy teaching, writing, or behind the camera lens, she is often found increasing her Xbox 360 gamer score and dreaming of writing her own book.   She is a featured contributor to 30 Second Mom and a featured video reviewer for SheStreamsTV.   Wendy owns Choosing Love, Arizona Moms Network, Sunflowers Photography, Heart Prints, and The Wright Media.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Steph, thank you for the honor to be included on your site and to be featured!

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  3. Barbie says:

    Hi Wendy! Loved getting to know more about you and Moms Night Out here. Thank you for helping me to find this site. As a busy, full-time, mid life mom, I often find I am in crisis more often than I’d care to admit!

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