Seeing Is Believing Especially If You Wear Glasses

You may be wondering why I am writing about eyeglasses. Well, I wear them each and every day. As I’ve gotten older, I need them more and more. I especially need to wear them when I am in a dimly lit restaurant or in front of the computer. Reading with my glasses is a must!

Have you made your exam appointment this year? The tough reality is that employers are having to cut insurance benefits and let’s face it, health care costs are astronomical.

I was contacted by right as I was heading to the  optometrist for my yearly visit. Part of our health and wellness checks should include eye exams, even when we are so busy.

You can find low-cost prescription glasses and sunglasses at They have  brand names  such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Jones New York, Guess and more! All at a discounted price.

Now you are probably wondering, how can I possibly  purchase prescription  glasses online and without trying them on? They offer a virtual mirror to try them on! Just upload a picture and try on a few pairs.

Here’s a screenshot of the glasses I picked and my virtual mirror “try on” picture”¦ pretty cool!

And less than a week later… My new glasses arrived!



They were shipped with a nice case and cleansing cloth. I’ve been wearing them this week and love them!

If you wear glasses and cost is of concern, take a look at They offer affordable glasses with many lens options.

They are offering a discount when you buy glasses  from!

Just for you…

Take 20% off any frame in our iSee Eyewear collection and get free shipping within the US. Code: iSee20FS

Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10

Our health and wellness gets push to the back burner so often since we are busy working moms. Give yourself the gift of an eye exam and new glasses  this season!



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2 Responses to Seeing Is Believing Especially If You Wear Glasses

  1. Katie says:

    I love this post. I never wore glasses for reading until after I turned 40. Now at 43, I need them to read almost everything. I can’t even text half the time without my glasses. I will have to check out the site you talked about. Thank you for sharing! You look great in your new glasses!

    • Thanks Katie! I’m laughing about the texting with glasses… I do the same thing. If you see a type-o in a Tweet from me, I most likely was on my phone with no glasses :-) Hope you like the site!

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