Why Blog?

I was recently asked, “When did you start blogging and why?”

Why I started blogging is a long, bitter sweet  story that some of the people reading this may already know.

I started Be Positive Mom ® just on June 10, 2010. The site came out of losing my sister after a long battle with Ovarian Cancer. It was the culmination of having my little guy prior to her death and giving birth to my little boo a couple of years later.

A lot of life changes in a very short period of time occurred and throw in working full-time throughout, I had a lot whirling around in my head!

CLICK HERE for “What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom ®?”  This post really details the journey and how I named the site.

I started writing as a way to express how I was feeling about work, the overwhelm of juggling it all and  my sadness over the loss of my sister. The latter never really goes away…

In fact, I am in the middle of drafting a post titled, “How Grief Walks With You” that outlines how I have learned to live without her and how “grief” becomes a part of you in a healing way.

What started out as a way to journal my life as a working mom quickly became something to inspire others to laugh more and enjoy those moments that are right in front of us.

I also launched The Working Mom Interview series soon after the launch of the site. Each month, I feature a working mom and give her  a platform to share her own thoughts, tips and tricks. A different mom, new topic each month!

Why I continue writing, sharing and connecting?

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve thought about packing it up and shutting it down often over the last year.

For many reasons I wanted to give up”¦

  • Maybe people don’t like it.
  • Maybe it will fail.
  • Should I have higher numbers?
  • Is the site just another working mom site among the masses?

All of those negative thoughts popped in and made me want to turn away”¦ sometimes they still do.

Each time I get those pangs, something amazing happens. I’ll get a wonderful comment, an inspiring email from a mom who just found the site  or someone will tell me how much they appreciate the things I share. It’s so touching to know that something I wrote, an article or a story helped another person.  It’s  not just working moms, too.  The purpose  is  support  and that  is what this is all about! Supporting one another.

I’ll always think of my sis and the purpose for Be Positive Momâ„¢. I call it my “why” moment that gets me back to the heart of it”¦ why I started  in the first place. It’s a good practice to go back to the “why” when you feel like things are out of sync, when that little negative voice tries to take over and self-doubt creeps in.

Be Positive Momâ„¢ is part of me. The connection to other moms and business owners is part of me. The valuable life lessons I’ve learned from this experience and why it all started in the first place can only make me a better person and my hope is that it will lend to some happy, positive moments for another.

And that is why I keep blogging”¦


Stacy and Steph in 2004

Thank you to my sis for the inspiration to start Be Positive Mom ®!

Thank you to  my hubby who is a source of wonderful support, suggestions and ideas!

Thank you to the simply fabulous people I’ve met because of blogging and the whole social media craze!


CLICK HERE to learn more about What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom ®?


Share with us! Why do you blog?




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5 Responses to Why Blog?

  1. I cannot imagine losing my sister. I’m so sorry for your loss. I think it’s fantastic that you started this blog and have that to hold on to when you question keeping it going. So glad I found you from the WMW linkup!

    • Thank you Jennifer. The site has really helpful with moving forward and still keeping her memory alive! I’m glad you found me too! Can’t wait to stop by your site as well :-)

  2. Alex says:

    I’m so sorry about your sister.. I had no idea. I’m willing to bet she would be very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

    Your loyal reader,


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