Working Mom Journal and Creating Quality Time With Your Child

Blessing  from Working Mom Journal provides fantastic, practical insights and tips for working moms! Being a career woman and mother to her sweet toddler girl, Blessing has sound career advice to help moms build confidence and become more efficient between work and home.

She is guided by a quote from Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true ““ if we have the courage to pursue them.” Her goal is to help guide you through the career and motherhood journey with some added fun along the way.

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 5 Ideas to Creating Quality Time with Your Child

Life goes by so fast. While you are busy hustling and bringing food on the table, you should not forget the reason you are doing all that. I don’t know about you, but the reason I put my heart and mind to my job, to this blog, to my business is because of my family. Because, I want to provide for them and I want them to see that it pays to work hard and to enjoy it. With that said, I try as much as I can to spend time with my family. There are so many simple ways to spend quality time with your child; that helps inspire and nurture their minds. My daughter is 22months old, so she is still young for some of these wonderful ideas I have all up in my head, but I bet they will be useful to most of you.

1. Read: I know how hard it is for you to even find the time, the perfect book and the energy to read, but you can do it. So get to work. Reading to a child is the best way to nurture an avid reader and writer. My 22 month old daughter can successfully read any two, three and four letter words. She’s got more than 200+ vocabulary down. She cries morning, day and night until you read to her. She even goes to bed with at least one book in her hand. This bright and brilliant mind was born out of my willingness to read and sing to her. The best way to raise a smart and intelligent child is to read to them, period! Ask anyone.

2. Travel:See the world. This year we plan on visiting three countries. And that might not be in your budget, but get out of your house. Step out of your comfort zone. Explore different cities, such as the Grand Canyon. Go skiing, horse-riding, etc. Plan an adventure, and learn as you go. When I was young, my mother planned excursions for us. We would go to different places every six months. Our outings includes going hunting, horseback riding, climbing mountains, fishing, kayaking, seeing different wonders of the world, etc. We loved it, and most days when I think about my mother, I immediately think of how much time she invested in us and how she ensured that we experienced the world. Do the same for your child(ren).

3. Cook: One of the best ways to connect with your children is to cook together. Plan a meal. And make sure everyone has an action item. I know you are tempted to order out, and get the night over with, but spending thirty to forty-five minutes in the kitchen bonding with your children is the best way to get their best thoughts on their every day life and the quality of their day.

4. Sing: Its amazing when my husband and I start singing and my daughter begins to dance. This usually ends up in a father and daughter dance and then I join in the fun. My daughter is a natural dancer, and so she tries to show me a few steps, this usually ends in a ton of laughter and tears of joy. I love those nights and now, I plan to for those nights.

5. Shopping:Whenever I take my child to the mall or bookstore with me, we end up hugging, chatting and laughing. Its a big playground for all that you can do with a child. Most malls have mini amusement centers where you can pop in a coin and take pictures, play on bikes and cars, sing, etc. We usually end our day at the food court where we splurge on ice cream and Chinese food. I am pretty sure you’ve done something like this before, now plan for it, at least once a month.

What ways do you spend quality time with your child?





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  1. Jen says:

    I agree with #2, I think reading with your children is the single best thing you can do!

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